Rate Your Advisor

How strongly do you agree with the following statements?
▪ 1 = Not at all ▪ 2 = Rarely ▪ 3 = At times ▪ 4 = Most of the time ▪ 5 = Yes, no doubt about it

  1. My Advisor clearly understands my purpose and the opportunities I want my money to create for me.
  2. While I may not understand how each investment works, I DO understand its function in my investment portfolio (what it is supposed to do for me).
  3. My Advisor has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I always feel (s)he is interested in me as a person.
  4. I look forward to face-to-face meetings with my Advisor and consider them time well spent.
  5. I call my Advisor and my Advisor calls me to discuss pertinent financial issues (not just stocks and bonds).
  6. My Advisor has a clear, proactive process for working with me. This lets me rest easy, knowing all my concerns will be addressed.
  7. My Advisor provides group programs and 1-on-1 opportunities to learn more about managing my money.
  8. My Advisor acts as my financial partner, not a broker selling products. I consider my Advisor to be someone with my best interests at heart.
  9. My Advisor has helped me become more organized and systematized with my money.
  10. Since working with my Advisor, my financial knowledge and confidence has increased considerably.


What was your total score?

41-50 = My Advisor is doing a great job meeting my needs.
31-40 = My relationship with my Advisor is less than optimal.
21-30 = I really should expect more.
21 or less = I need a new Advisor NOW!


No matter what your score, and if you want a free sample? Then, let’s setup a phone call.