Are you waiting for a crisis?

Too often women wait for a crisis before they will become smart about money?

“A crisis, by definition, is a quick and sudden change marked by instability and chaos. Put another way, a crisis is an event that feels as if the universe is trying to shake you into action. And sadly, it often does take a crisis to wake women up and get them moving – anything from divorce or the death of a spouse to a staggering tax bill, or winning the lottery (Yes even windfalls create crises).” –Barbara Stanny Prince Charming Isn’t Coming

As a Financial Advisor for Women, I have seen this all too often. Women are often referred to me in the throes of divorce, or are emotionally grieving due to the loss of a loved one. At times like these, every financial decision can have a serious long term impact on your financial future. While understanding your financial life is essential, especially during these times of crisis ,this is NOT the ideal time to become engaged.

I encourage every woman to take that first step. That step is simply to become more aware and knowledgeable as to what you have and how it can work for you.