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My Story

Michele Heiny ScottEver since my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson, taught the class how to read the stock quotes from the newspaper; to working as an Office Manager for an electronics store with two locations at Union Square, in downtown San Francisco at 16; to the stories my dear, old friend who is a money manager and had worked her early years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in the 80’s; to my husband and I placing our first stock trade in 1992 (my step-father told us to buy Microsoft or Apple, my husband was in medicine and decided on Glaxo, we’re now divorced), finance had always been the underlying interest in my life. So in 2005, when my family and I moved back to South Jersey, where I had spent my late teens and early 20’s, I though myself tremendously lucky when I came across a position in financial services with A. G. Edwards & Sons.

sunbathers in Ocean City, NJAlthough, as the years progressed, I started to see a pattern. Woman after woman, so dependent on their husbands for all financial decisions, that when the husbands passed away, not only were they devastated by the loss of companionship, they also were overwhelmed with the idea that they were now the overseer of their families finances and legacies. Most of the time, they had no idea what their financial situation was, who they could trust, or didn’t have time to learn everything they felt they should already know.

I realized that these were smart, capable women and business owners. But, because they were not educated about money, finances and taxes, their lives were difficult and futures, uncertain.

AC Boardwalk from oceanThat is why, my mission is to strive to educate and empower, women and youth, in all things financial, throughout the United States. Where they are comfortable discussing money, learning how to be the custodians of their own finances, and how taxes affect their standard of living, and the legacies they leave. I guide them to create a more secure future by implementing a dependable cash flow, while being tax-efficient; how to protect themselves from events that can negatively impact their money’s purpose and the means to provide a legacy for those held most dear.